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UK Dark Sky Glamping Breaks In A Stargazer Luxury Bell Tent

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Being outdoors in nature we think is one if the best things ever and as the sun goes down and the campfire crackles , just tip your head back and admire the dark sky above. Or you could enjoy stargazing from right inside you tent !! As we are in a dark sky area the stars can be amazing and to celebrate our glorious dark sky breaks we have added New for 2021 our amazing Lotus Belle “Stargazer” Bell Tent, its ingenious design allows the bell tent to be more spacious inside. Our Stargazer Tent has a glorious King Size Bed as well as a stylish interior. The absolute stand out feature has to be the amazing transparent roof so you can watch for shooting stars from the comfort of your stylish Kingsize bed. We cant promise to make the earth move or the stars shine but we do think you will be making amazing memories.

The dark sky look stunning on a clear night but especially over the next few weeks as Mars will be visible on the low horizon from around the 12th If your lucky enough to be in a dark sky area in the UK have a look up the 17th April when Mars can be seen next to the moon. As you sit back and gaze at this lovely red planet and marvel at the wonders of space, you can be pleased you didn’t spend a year in lockdown on Mars as a year up there is 687 earth days but then you would be younger and not had a lockdown birthday, maybe not so bad after all. Mars is the currently the only known planet to be completely inhabited with over 16 robots up there, not all operational some crash landed on the surface and others broke up on route.

In order to get the best view it would be worth putting a VR App on your smart phone or tablet, the best of which is Stellarium. We think this is the best but it does cost, however there are other, free, Apps available such as

SkyView Lite, Night Sky & Star Walk

Remember life is better under canvas

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