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10 Best Free Things To Do In Chester This Summer

Top 10 Free Things To See & Explore

So as the cost has living has soared over the past few months we get that you still want adventure just on a limited budget. So with you in mind we have a list of the best free activities that you can do in Chester which shows you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great time exploring Chester.

Chester is a 10 min Train journey or 20 min drive from Lloyds Meadow Glamping

Roman Wall Walks

Whether you’re a history buff, or you just want to work off those calories from breakfast, you’ll want to walk the roman wall and walk in the footsteps of those proud and mighty Roman soldiers. In fact its not uncommon to see the Roman tour guides doing the rounds around the city. A great way to step back in time this is a popular spot and will make for some great photography, too. (keep your eyes peeled as a lot of filming for Hollyoaks in done around the walls)

Town Hall

A mighty sight to be sure, you’ll want to take in the Chester town hall, even if it's just to grab a photo in front of its mighty stairwell and multiple floors. A powerful gorgeous building that has been here for a long time, it’s a great historic and also civic stop for anyone that loves to see how things work past and present!

The Town Crier

If you’ve ever wanted to take on a town crier, Chester has got two of the best. In full Shakespearean garb, this is a great entertainment stop when you want to enjoy a fun show that is so quintessentially part of our history. Head for the cross in the centre of the city at Midday and you will see & hear the town crier shout and perform the news just as they used to back in the day -- you know, before newspapers and the like.

River Dee

On the bank of the river is the 'Groves', a paved promenade complete with bandstand, cafés, restaurants and public houses. Take a stroll along the riverbank, grab an ice cream & prepare for some quality people and nature watching.

Grosvenor Park

If you want to enjoy exploration, Grosvenor Park is perfect. It’s also popular for those who wish to picnic or enjoy some ice cream! Quintessential and adorable for those that love classic parks, this is about as classic as you’ll get in Chester. It’s also great for photography and resting in the shade.

Explore The Rows

A gem in Chester are the stunning rows some are original 13th century buildings, but many of the impressive facades are Victorian copies. Nevertheless, they are still magnificent and greatly contribute to the beauty and character of Chester. These half-timbered galleries are reached by steps, which form a second row of quirky shops and bars above those at street level along The Rows are unique in the world to Chester, and nobody is quite sure why they were built in this way.

Eastgate Clock

The second most photographed clock in the UK Big Ben and great for some couple selfies . The original gate was Roman and the present gate was built in Georgian times to allow coaches through. However, the clock wasn’t added until the Victorian era to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

Chester Cathedral

Is free to visit, a donation is optional at this ancient abbey & an archaeological treasure. These days the cathedral is a cultural hub, a centre of musical excellence and a unique blend of medieval and modern history. They have a quaint gift shop & a really good reasonably priced cafe in the refectory.

The Refectory Café is set in the thirteenth century monks’ dining hall and is one not to be missed. The cafe includes a seventeenth-century tapestry on the west wall, paintings representing the Earls of Chester and the beautiful Creation Window depicting the six days of creation.

Roman Amphitheatre & Roman Gardens

The Roman Amphitheatre in Chester was the largest in Britain , it was used for entertainment and military training, The elegant Roman Gardens are bordered by ancient Roman city walls & have fragments of excavated fortresses. They stretch to the River Dee and are next to the city walls opposite the Amphitheatre so make a great sightseeing loop and some great photo opportunities.

The Grosvenor Museum

The Grosvenor Museum, is free with a suggested donation , it has collections exploring the history of Chester, its art and silver heritage, and its natural history.Here you can find out about life during the Roman military occupation and visit the Period House, with rooms from the 17th century to the 1920s.

There are 3 floors to explore , the lecture theatre is definantely worth dropping in to , here they have the art collection displayed in the stunning Victorian built theatre.

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