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Is It Warm In A Glamping Tent ?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

4 Top Tips - How To Keep Warm in your Glamping Tent


There’s so much to love about glamping especially in Chester, fresh air, sights & sounds of nature, country walks, the tech detox, honestly a glamping break has it all . Even just having that fresh crisp air first thing in the morning….it’s invigorating and, we’ll admit, you could find it to be little nippy when you are glamping in a tent outside of the warmer summer months! So, how do you stay warm in your glamping tent? Is heat going to be a problem? Not with our tips to help you stay warm all night long!

How to stay warm inside your glamping tent

You’ll be excited to learn that staying warm in your tent is not going to be an impossible task. Our beds are designed to be especially decadent in case of a cool morning, including plush mattresses, 13 Tog feather and duck down duvets & extra snuggly blankets. There are some other practical and reliable tips that you can use to help you, though!

Prepare for the weather conditions

No, you don’t need to pack your entire house. But, make sure you take a look at the weather forecast for your stay with us and make sure that you’ve got those jumpers all ready to go, even if it’s just in case!

Always bring extra layers

Even if you’ve packed for the cool evenings and mornings, consider packing layers, too! For instance, throw in a few turtleneck tops and long-sleeved tees. You can never go wrong with a few extra changes of clothes, anyway.

Snuggle into bed early

This is one of the secrets that most glampers don’t realise their first time! If you snuggle into bed with your blankets and a special someone, warmth is not going to be an issue! Plus, you know, enjoying the nighttime hours….Hey, what happens in the glamping tent, stays in the glamping tent! Plus, you are on holiday, right?

Bring a hot water bottle

If you’re still looking for an extra bit of warmth, leave room for your hot water bottle! We fill them for you and it’ll be just right for pushing to the foot of the bed to keep those toes warm all night long!

When in doubt, wear a hat and socks

If the weather is predicted to be especially nippy, or you are just someone who gets cold, throw in some homemade wool socks and a hat! If you keep your extremities warm, you’ll find that staying warm overall is going to be a whole lot easier. Pair those with a set of fleece PJs and you’ll be all cozy and warm!

While there are some that think glamping in Chester outside of the hottest season is going to be all cold and dreadful weather, there’s nothing further than the truth. Staying warm is as much about planning as it is about your actual company in your glamping tent.


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