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Hey Wild Thang !

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


So its National Wildlife day and we couldn’t let that pass without sharing with you some of the amazing animals that live in the wild right here on our glamping site. So let us introduce to you some of our favourites, we are so keen to show them off that we are adding an info board to our site which will be illustrated by a very talented local artist Jackie at Hallmark Illustrations.

If you like you wildlife more exotic then head over to Chester Zoo only 20 mins away from the glamping site.

  • Introducing the lovely badger, usually spotted after nightfall or early morning we have a series of badger highways throughout the site for you to spot surprising fact : Badgers can travel at 20 mph for short periods.

  • Meet the stunning red fox, we have several that pass through the site day and night, they are timid animals that move like cats but are more closely related to dogs.

  • The elusive Kingfisher we have 2 nesting pairs, but very few people see them you are more likely to hear them they have a very distinctive whistle that sounds like a dog whistle. When you hear it keeps your eyes open for a stunning flash of blue as the dart by.

  • Most common sighting on our site the mallard we have several that live here year-round this is the handsome male identified by his colourful head. Guest enjoy making a narrative about the goings on with the ducks they do seem to enjoy drama.

  • Adorable and very cute meet the rabbits, there are hundreds living here watch your step as new burrows are dug daily! To express their happiness you often see them chasing each other, flick there heads & feet this is known as a binky.

  • Moor hens a mainly black bird that doesn’t have webbed feet on the end of their very long legs but still make great swimmers, they can also fly but the most comical is to watch them run. We have so many of them living here we’ve been asked about breeding programmes. We love to see them and the chicks are so cute.

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